Saturday, September 22, 2007

Epic and Servolution

Hmmm what to say, what to say. Well Friday i basically woke up at 8am. to help make food with the very gifted Cooking for Christ people - Well i helped a little mostly i just ate the food :D [hey what can i say i love food!] Then after going to the Baton Rouge Dream Center to pass out food we headed down to the Highland Campus to get ready for Epic Weekend. Filled with great worship, crazy-fun, and the Holy Spirit, It was just unexplainable. I had the best leaders - Amy Phillips, Leah Fredrichs, Tori Ohlerking- and the coolest roomies. Then this morning after staying up all night, we were extremely tired (well extremely is an understandment) but we still had enough energy to hit servolution, which was of course so much fun. We went down to the inner city and picked up all kinds of things, prayed for people, met some new friends, and had a block party! So to sum things up in the words the of the amazing Amy Phillips- Epic Weekend was was well E-P-I-C

Mechanical Bull anyone?? :]


leah said...

it was quite epic! im so glad i got the chance to hang out with you this weekend AND you came to enthralled last night. ohhhh girl you are awesome and ill see you wednesday. have a great day


Jamie said...

Ahhhh! It all makes sense now! I had seen your blog, then met you, but I finally made the connection! Man, I am slow... But anyway, yeah, Dexter is pretty rugged! haha And by the way just to let you know, you might want to be careful around Amy 'cause at the mention of Strawberries she gets this glazed look over her face.... :] Ask her one day!