Saturday, October 20, 2007

long time no posts

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Yeah yeah i know i haven't been posting alot lately but i have good reasons....

1) I am in charge of helping my school donate and volunteer with this walk called the walk for diabetes which donates money to a children and adult diabetes association for cures and making these kids dreams come true. I went to meet some of the kids we will be sponsoring and its crazy how young but hopefully they are. Its really a great cause and if you want to participate in it just get all the information from their website and if you end up going to it make sure to tell me at church or refuge so i can find you there and make sure to say hi and we can hang out together.
2) things have just been really boomin' in my life right
3) Today i went with the church down to Winborn Church aka the New Baton Rouge Dream Center to do alittle clean up. I got to hang out with some awesomely cool friends -some which i haven't seen in quite some time- and We got to clean up for God. It was great the we were able to give back to this community and in return receive so much ourselves. Just knowing that you changed some one's life is such an award.
4) Well this is isn't really why i have been busy but i am going to just stick this in for chase. Chase has been bugging me for quite some time to make a post about him so here it is. I have posted before about how i have bad luck with guys but one guy that is been in my life since like the beginning is Chase Cole. Chase Cole is the best guy you could ever meet and is love for god is undeniable. He is just crazy but one of the best people a girl could ask for in her life.
5) Friday i went to the St. Amant vs. Ea game which rocked since St. Amant won 38 to 7 and then after i went and said good bye to my old friend James Who i have known for ever but is moving to New York (i know there's one long trip for ya) I am going miss him so much but he gets to go show Jesus to New York so i am extremely happy for him a. So keep him in your prayers and i will be praying for y'all also. much love



Zoe Graeser said...

That's awesome about eveything your doing!!! I wish I could get off my lazy but and do something! That's sad about your friend James, but since you know he's gonna rock New York, I know it's alright!
I love you girl!!!
We need to go hang out sometime!

A-TRAIN said...


chase said...

i am so HAPPY! Big Big smile happy! You finally posted about me! And praise God it is something good. LOL!
Dont worry that boy will come one day.