Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hurricane of emotions

OK well this morning we had just gotten back from helping with cooking for Christ at the church and god just hit me with like a holy ghost smack down. Things have haven't really been going so great in my life. Don't get me wrong i have an awesome life but i have been really tempted with some things lately. Its like in the past month the Devil has been really after my heart. Wednesday Pastor Mike talked about how everyone has there mats and getting real personal my mat is lust. Its hard to admit it but its true. I'm consumed with finding that right one right now that I'm not focusing on whats important, god. I am so focused on my plan that I'm not even giving him the time to tell me his plan. People can tell you to focus on god more then your perfect match but its so much easier said then done. I guess to be completely truthful I'm scared of my future. I'm scared that i am going to meet that Mr right and pass him straight up but god was just speaking to me. He said not worry because when Mr right roles around i will know it for sure. That perfect guy is out there i just have try my best and stay patient no matter how hard it may get and if i have problems with that that's why i have a support system to help me through it, The devil can try all he wants but i worship a god so much bigger that will help me through my problems. So all my support system out there thank you so much for the encouragement, you help me to get thorough each and every day and i love you more then you know. So know that i have poured my guts out in a post for the world to see I'm done for this post but believe me there will be more posts to come :D Stay amazing. xoxox


Amy said...

Hey girl
um so true... definitely need that support system cuz it doesn't get easier the older you get. Trust me I know. I think its so funny how are lives are can revolve so easily around this topic. Like there is so much more of life but this seems to be our focus. And trusting God with the future is probably my biggest struggle. the uncertain, wondering when and if. Sometimes I wish that He would tell me its going to be 5 years or something so that I could just not worry about that, but God really wants our trust. Our stories and time tables are always dif. two of my best friends are getting married in the next 6 months. And I still don't have a boyfriend
:-) but its ok.Cuz God's got this

Amanda said...

I am proud of you Stefanie. I remember being your age and going through the same issues. It must be so much harder today because evrything is so centered around"love". I am proud of you because you made an important stand. You noticed what was getting you and you said no. Habg in there, you are always in our prayers. Thanks for being Zoe's friend!