Thursday, April 24, 2008

so i came across this picture we took back in the end of July and beginning of August when we went to Victory City, Mexico with the church. It just kinda reminded me of that trip and how great it was, how may lives were touched including ours. I got to meet so many great people from Global Youth Net and from a small church in Texas. It just made me remember that unbelievable mission trip and made me look forward the the mission trip i will going with at the end of next month. gosh i cant wait to get to Camp Barnabis, if you didn't know i absolutely love disabled children and people in general so this is a big deal to me. I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me get the money to go on this trip and i only have a few more dollars left to pay but i know god can handle that little bit, i mean what can he not handle.


she who smiles :] said...

good times :)
i hope you have an incredible summer my love :)
mexico was increidble && even more so because I got to meet all of you! ily very much! keep in touch!