Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Submerge 08' Baby

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Yes I know wha your about to say..Why no blogspot love?? But I have my reason, one being that my computer as been down for awhile. So as I sit and type this from our local library there are many thoughts racing through this head of mine. One being the main question:: Why does submerge have to be so awesome?? Because of the greatness of it all I have been craving the sandy beaches of panama city, the crazy out of this world services, and the randomness that seemed to take over eahc and every day. Every year I think that nothing can really top the year before but then somehow they achieve too...go figure. You know the feeling after a submerge, like your on top of the world. Well I dont want that feeling to go away I dont want to wake up tommorow or weeks or even months from now and realize that that fire is fading. But like Tyler said He WAS there and it WAS amazing. To think I almost wasnt able to go [shame that would be]. For all who didnt go I feel sorry for you because as far as I am concerned thats what you search for, to feel the closeness when you feel the presence of the almighty creator.

God I pray that you dont let me lose that feeling just because Im back in Baton Rouge, I pray that all of us dont lose it but continue to do your will each and every day of our lives.

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chase said...

glad you had fun!
happy 4th