Sunday, July 20, 2008

the world is right again

My wonderfully amazing computer is now up and working successfully, thank you Jesus. But in the last post I told y'all about how god has been doing so much in me and guess i couldn't leave y'all just on that note now could I. Here's the explaining time. Something really amazing just kind of happened the other day. Lately I have been down the dumps. I mean the devil has been really working me for awhile. Things have just really been taking turn on my life and emotions but this lady i was talking to a couple days ago really taught me something important. If I hang out with you on a regular basis you might have realized that I have a few weird habits. One being, that when I have some spare pennies I like to leave them face up in random places. Well the other day I was having a really hard time but I ended up in a conversation with an older lady in the electronics department at the Walmart near my house. She ended up giving me incredible advice about my current problems and told me of how she was having a rough week as well but earlier that day she had found a penny and somehow it made her day alittle brighter. In awe, I just kind of smiled and we went are separate ways but for some reason that just keeps sticking out in my mind. How one little coin can in some way give a person hope just makes me wonder what could we really do to spread alittle hope because in the end that's what people are looking for. A Hope for the present and the future. A brighter tomorrow. I guess what I'm trying to say is don't be fooled by the little things because you don't know what they could do for someone.