Monday, July 23, 2007

Mystery Trip of a Lifetime.

Well If you haven't noticed this is my first blog. Whoa newbie! yes i know.

Anyways we just got back from the mystery trip yesterday with Navigate aka Summer Session And it rocked our faces off. Even though the trip up there and back seem like it lasted forever it was so worth it.The beach was so much fun.Gulf Shores baby!! After some crazzy -and i mean crazy- wrestling on the beach and tons of people gets hurt by jellyfish, skim boards, and each other we had a nice dinner at Lambert's. Which became not so nice when people started getting sick and Crystal accidentally eating a fish. Ahh i know nice end to a long summers trip.

But i think we all kinda came to notice that summer is ending and that was probably one of the last we would all hang out together and what better way to go out with a bang. All my fellow summer sessioners i love you guys don't change because ya'll are amazing and remember if you ever need me; I'm here.