Thursday, August 9, 2007


school, school, school.
seems like it lasts forever but ends so soon.
i have to be honest i have been pretty nervous about starting high school and refuge and everything. its just alot of change at one time and if you know me I'm not a big fan of change but lately i have been becoming OK with it because i realized change isn't always bad. Middle school may be over but High school is just beginning. So I'm ready for whatever St. Amant brings. Let me at it!

High school- a new chance. to be bring people to Christ and show them the real me. No regrets just opportunities. amazing opportunities


Zoe Graeser said...

Hey stef! You rox!! Even though I'm homeskooled,(lolhomeschool humor..haha..)I'm still sandin' up, standin' out, and changin' the world! I know we gots each others backs on this one!!!!!
I luv ya'!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know,