Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mexico Babe!

well this post is going to be pretty long so if you don't like long ones id leave now. This past week i went with some people to Cuidad Victoria, Mexico here is how it went down.

Sunday: we left the Hpac @ 5pm and arrived @ a hotel in Harlington, Texas where we crashed and got some much needed sleep

Monday: pretty much the same as Sunday. we traveled the rest of the way until we hit the Panoramic Hotel in Victoria city. We meet the group and had an awesome service that really helped us understand why we wanted to be there

Tuesday: We did some team work exercises included trust falls, etc. Then we meet two girls named Ana and Karen who taught us some dramas and dances that we later performed for the city at the Plaza, which is the sports place in the center of the city.

Wednesday: We performed the dramas again but this time at one of the biggest poverty points in the city, Which is basically a big hill that is of all really poor people who actually have really big hearts.

Thursday: The day started off with a visit to the elderly home there and then later that afternoon we went to one of my favorite places which is a disabled orphanage. there is meet this little girl name Euilia who had one of the biggest hearts i have ever seen. she was amazing.

Friday: Free Day! yay! anywhoo we decided to hit the river. which as the funniest part of the visit. With the hiking and cliff diving it all added up to much fun. then we went down to the market to spend some buckaroos and just chill for awhile.

Saturday: What we thought would start off with a visit to the Orange and then a street kid home because the girls at the orphanage had a trip ended up with just getting some ice cream because the street kids had graduation. Later we went to learn about the culture.

Sunday: We went to church and then the youth group which is basically a pathfinders/refuge thing. the next couple days we said our tearful goodbyes and left for home sweet home and arrived at 3:30 am on Monday.


Zoe Graeser said...

That is so cool!
I wish I could have been there!!!!!!!!!!
I'll see ya' at ref-inders!
(You know I would have cliff dived with ya, grrl!!!!)

chase said...

it is so good to have you back! i missed ya like so much. see ya tonight!


Life as I know it... said...

i'm so glad you had fun!!!!
w/love from your friend in TEXAS


Hey steff im sssssssssssoooooooooo missing mexico r u?
love ya