Monday, August 13, 2007

First day in a new planet

OK well today was, as many of you know was my first day of school.
ahh school. getting lost, new faces, and a new string of emotions.
Most current emotion, confused. One of my friends asked me if i liked this guy and to be completely honest I'm not sure. Deep down i do like him but I'm just don't sure if i ready for a relationship right now. I realized that i need to focus more on God than any guy for the time being -he, the guy i sorta like, shall remain nameless- haha don't you just get all interested now :D

Then again at a new school you cant help but feel alittle out of the loop. I didn't know where half my classes are and who most the people are but that's what the year is for. To meet new faces and help show God in new and exciting ways. So I plan on bring tons of people to Refuge soon and even though i am flooding with many (and dare i say many) emotions i just plan on living the life God intended for me right now and God with sort out the rest.

And for the record St. Amant people put poles in weird places at that school. Just waiting for some poor and helpless girl to come crashing into to them..haha don't make fun of me but just in case your a little slow; that's me. and i must add that i was not the only one. i saw a few people do it too. well at least i hope so :p

Stay tuned for more....


Life as I know it... said...

ahh more!!!
baha :]

she who smiles :] said...

ahhh i just read your profile and i LOVE it
"just a normal girl, living a normal life...serving an unexplainable God...what more could you ask for?"

Zoe Graeser said...

Hey stef, Am i that person asking?... If I am, thenn, ok. Just wandering.
And hey, she who smiles, I have read your blog a couple of times and you are so cool!
I love your playlist!!!Hahahaha.
yeah, well,
I have a feeling if I went to St. Amant, I'd walk into a few poles myself...

Stefanie said...

no zoe your not that person
so dont worry!..haha
and yea good thing you dont go to St.amant because St. amant aint ready for the both of us :D
but that would totally rock!

she who smiles :] said...

hey hey stefa-nay
((i couldn't resist!!))
just a little note
i changed my url
but i believe if you click my pitcha it'll still take you to my blog
((you might want to change my link though))
aha thanks zoe!

Stefanie said...

haha ok thanks ariel
gosh you have so many blogs i dont know which one to choose from :D
but i still love ya


hey steff!
haha im realy proud of u for running into the pole cuz it sounds like somthing i did last year!
how r u ?
btw tell krinkle she should get a blog.
anyways have fun spreading Gods love!