Saturday, August 18, 2007

sorry for the delay in posting. lately things have been getting a little crazzy for me with school, friends, boys, and so much more. I have just had alot on my mind. High school is so different. You see the drama and you see these people you thought you knew and now there changing into something there not. i just hope that i don't do that. I hope that i just stay me because life IS to short for drama. Its to short to lose yourself, when you could be out doing so much more. I don't want to look back and wonder who did all those things, I don't want any regrets. At church we always hear change the world don't let it change you. well that's easier said then done but i think those who actually do it have alot of courage because in the world today, all time people are trying to make you something your not and the people who in the end can truly say they never lost themselves, there the winners. me? i just hope i can be one of those people and believe me i will try my hardest too. well there my whole soap opera for the day stay tuned for more. love ya'll ...


she who smiles :] said...

great stuff stefa-nay


thats kool
hey how r u i miss yall i havnt seen u since graduation!
love ya!
me the geek!