Friday, August 24, 2007

i know i know no postings in quite awhile
well since saturday but anyway things have been pretty busy
but hey sometimes you just need time to relax and chill.
Wednesday at refuge was awesome as usual and Pastor Dino
had a really great message. but on a second note i have been thinking that i might switch over to wordpress no sure but who knows. let me know what you think. yes? or no? Oh and click the pretty link under this post it will bring you to an awesome song by one of the best bands ever audio adrenaline. just go listen. you know your curious. Bye peoples and rock on! Clicky!!! :D


she who smiles :] said...

i love it
"go listen. you know you're curious."
if you MUST go to wordpress
please please PLEASE don't neglect dear Blogger
1) it loves you
2) it loves me
3) it lets us talk to each other
4) peanut butter?
5) and i miss you

tori ohlerking said...

hey stefanie!!!

sorry i missed your call last night. i was in class. :(

but i'm so excited that you're at refuge now!! y'all are absolutely amazing! and i can't wait to get to know you and to see all that God is doing in you!

i'll see you tonight!!
love ya, girl!