Friday, September 14, 2007

New things

Well i am so excited because i just got the Audio Adrenaline CD
[even though its been out since August 28th ] and believe me i will be entertained for weeks. But like the title said i have some new people added to my blog roll. First there is Claire Ferrara. Claire rocks man! shes amazing and defiantly loves God. Then there is Julia Ferrara - but you better watch out if you ever meet her because shes got a mean karate chop! lol and then finally there is Mrs. Stephanie Musso. All of them are equally awesome people so make sure you check there pages out. I'll be posting more later so keep checking my blog for news and for those of you that will be at church tomorrow make sure you say hey. bye everyone!


Claire said...

aw thanks Stef. Shout outs all around :D !!!!

Stefanie said...

haha no problem claire!

Amanda said...

ok stefanie am i not worthy of your blogroll? just joking, no not really.