Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Six whole years..

Yes i know im a day late but its better late then never right? Well all day yesterday we were constanly reminded of that terrible event that occured six whole years ago and the truth is im glad they reminded us because in reality people forget, like i did and this event should not be forgotten becuase it deserves to be remebered. That day the US was reminded that we need God, to help us get through every moment of our life, to protect us, to be watching over us, and that came at a cost of people's lives and thats really sad that it toke people to die for us americans to realize how much we really need Jesus. The realtiy is that is could happen again tommorrow or the next day , so dont forget that we're never to cool for Jesus in our lives. We can use alittle common sense and wisdom. So my main messgae of this post is just to tell everyone not to forget but to remeber what occur, so we can give this wisdom to our kids, and they can give it to theirs.

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