Monday, October 8, 2007

Party Harty!

My favorite 8 year old, Julia Ferrara, had her birthday party after church on Saturday and man was it fun. I can't even remember the last time i played in the playground at Mickie D's and now i remember why. Julia and Claire made me feel so old when they were speeding through the slides and tunnels and i was moving like a grandma. Besides that reality check it was great! Once Joelle, Claire, or someone puts up pictures of the event i will be sure to steal them for y'all to see [ yes i am stealer, well not most the time, unless its strawberries :D ] Oh yeah i went there . Who knew 8 year olds could be so much fun?


Zoe Graeser said...

Hey stef! I'm SOOOOOOO soryy I couldn't be there!!! PLEASE tell Julia I'm sorry! I feel so bad now... I'm glad it was fun though! I'm gunna get her(and u) a present at the beach!!!
I luv u!!!!
(P>S> Tell Julia I'm so sorry! :[

leah said...

um, so we have missed you TERRIBLY the past two mondays at enthralled. im pretty sure you dont love us anymore.

so. . . we all sat around and cried Monday. we couldnt even get through the lesson because we were so empty with STEFANIE! haha so just come back as soon as possible!

have a great week. . . and i better see your shining beautiful face TONIGHT AT REFUGE?!?! yessssss