Thursday, October 4, 2007


Lately i have been busier then ever. With school and friends, family, helping the walk for diabetes (which you better be there because i will Oct. 27th. ask me for more info if you want to :D.) , and much more. This weekend i have church, studying for exams, and of course Julia's party! -just to name a few things but today i was talking with my older sister, Alicia and she really just like slapped me in the face. I was telling her about how i have just been having quite a hard time lately with things and i have just been in like a rough patch. Then she just like hit me. Out of no where she just asks 'how many time do you laugh in one day' Of course i was like 'what?' and all she said was 'Just think about it'. So i did. She really got me thinking how many time do i laugh in a day? If you don't know me that well, i laugh like 24/7. I realized we all have good days and with those good days come bad ones too. Its like God is testing us in a way. To see if we can handle the bad and i don't know about you but i dont want to be the one to fail that test. I shouldn't complain about my bad day and my problems when in reality people have much worse problems then mine. Some struggle with money problems, or health problems, divorce,depression, etc. I actually have it pretty good. I have good health, a great family, awesome friends, and a pretty decite life, that may have some rough patches but i know i can get through them eventually . I should worry about Other's Problems not mine. Those are more important.


Zoe Graeser said...

oh man. reading this slapped me in the face.. ouch. Hey! Maybe we should like keep each other in check, you know? Oh wait, you already do that for me... Well, now we can both keep each other in check! Ha!