Wednesday, November 14, 2007

As Crazy as it gets

As most of you know yesterday one of the best bands ever, Hillsong United, rocked it out at Bethany South Campus. Right when i got out of school me, my mom, my sister, and my friend Austin headed down to the cooking shed to make some hot chocolate with Cooking for Christ for the event ( so yeah you better thank me for the hot coca :D haha ) Then we headed down to the church so we could get in early and man was it packed. Luckily we were in the first 400 by the door and got let in early because everyone was sweating up a store. After some difficulties with the seating i finally found a seat kind of close up and was pretty content there. I ended up siting by one of the coolest kids ever. His name was Teddy, he was 12 and from New Orleans. Teddy was the best. He had never heard of the band before and was alittle cautious about them at first but by the end of the night he was jumping right along with everyone else. The night was filled with awesome music, awesome worship, and of course awesome people. I forgot how good their concerts were. Even though I had some troubles come my way with one of my older sisters who got in a car accident that night everything was ok and it was defiantly something i would have hated to miss. So pray for me as usual and i will make sure to keep ya'll in my prays as well.


Amy said...

Hey girl it was awesome wasn't it

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hey steff!
just wanted to say hey!
love ya!

A-TRAIN said...