Friday, November 9, 2007

The Singing Bees

Just to recap a little, a couple of weekends back we had the first ever women's conference called Live the Dream. I, sadly didn't get to go with my mom but i heard it was the best thing since sliced bread....yeah i know it must be really amazing because the sliced bread is the bomb :D just kidding ...well kinda but anyway I heard the sermons were phenomenal and it was just one of those couldn't miss things but the best part i heard was the singing bees. hmm i know you may be asking Stefanie, what are the singing bees? well the singing bees, in this case, are some crazy but awesome guys from our church who decided to bravely do what probably no man has ever done before and dress up as bees with skirts and tights and do a little dance. So for your entertainment here are the singing bees there selves.

Who knew bees could be so manly? lol
i know i didnt :]