Monday, November 5, 2007

Sick as a dog

Yep you got it right I'm sick. Well being the genius i am on Saturday, after church (which was awesome by the way) i decided that i wanted to go camping in the back yard with one of my older sisters. sounds like fun right? well you are very very wrong. See i have never actually been camping and even though its only the backyard i though it would be an adventure for me. After finally getting up the tent, we set up our stuff and everything was perfect but then we had a problem. It became cold and i mean cold! so we decided to throw in the towel and go back inside but the cold got to me so at this moment i am pretty sick. Don't worry now i will still go to refuge on wednesday. wouldnt miss it for the world, i just might not be my usual self. So prayers are needed. thanks and i will be praying for ya'll as well.


she who smiles :] said...

oh i defintely know what you mean! i was looking at the MX07 pictures the other day&& i'm so sure ((haha, i still use that phrase!)) i was BAWLING! gosh i miss you all like no other!!!
maybe someday, we'll see each other again :]
i've been reading your recent posts&& i wanted you to know Stefanie that i am very, VERY proud of you..while i know pride isn't really a good thing, i consider this the good kind :]
you're doing what you love, living what you say&&making a truly are living loud. for God. && i think, that's awesome :]
missyou&& you're totally right,,,let's not MX07 be just a memory..but continue to keep in touch :D