Friday, December 28, 2007


Yeah i couldn't think of a title lol.
Christmas was great for me. All my sister were here. So it was pretty chaotic well actually chaotic was an understatement. If you didn't already know my house is pretty crowded. There is four kids [all teens] my mom and dad, and our four pets. I got some great things like a guitar like a bass guitar, clothes, money, chocolate and lots of lots of clothes. I was glad this year just to stay at home in good ole Louisiana instead of going up to Virginia. I mean don't get me wrong i love Virginia and all i mean it was were i was born and were all our family is but i like the south better. People show more hospitality here. Hopefully this summer i wont have to go up there again, i got out of it last summer to do summer session with pathfinders and i hope i can get out of it this year also. New years is around the corner and i love it. December is just stacked full of holidays. Even though i haven't made any plans yet I'm sure i will figure out something to do this year. Nothing really life changing has happened lately, just living my normal life although tomorrow i might be leaving to go on a trip with one of my friends to Marksville, Louisiana. I don't really know where it is but shes having a hard to time so figured i could go and support here right now. If i do go i will be leaving tomorrow and coming back Monday. So i will be back for New years people. don't worry :D That's about that has been happening in my world besides some old wounds opening up but i think i can handle it. So everyone have a good week.
xoxox Stef.


Anonymous said...

im gonna take a wild guess and say that those old wounds opening up are me. Im sorry about what happened back then but i still like you. I know i hurt you and i dont blame you for not giving me a chance now but i just want to talk. so if you want to, my cell hasnt changed and if you dont call i will take a hint and go away


Amy said...

Stef Guitar hu? Bass as in electric or as in classical.

I miss seeing you, if was good to catch you on christmas eve have a happy new year and be safe.

much love