Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The day after tommorow

Its funny how time seems to just fly by. Its like yesterday you were just a little kid and the only thing that hurt was skinned knees from playing outside and goodbyes that only lasted until tomorrow. Then before you know it your going to high school, getting a car, or moving out. You wish you could go back to being a little kid, when things were so much easier, Where your dad's shoulder was the highest place on earth, your mom was your hero, and when you just couldn't wait to grow up. Everyone knows that life goes on but sometimes you just want to stop it, if even for one second. As the new year rolls around everyone reflects back on all the years that have passed; the good, the bad, everything. Some things you wouldn't change for the world but some are different. I have began to look back at this year and the years that passed before it and even though i regret some decisions, i wouldn't take them back because decisions are what makes a person. Even if the decision is minor in some form or way it does change you, shape you ,whether for the good or bad. All we can do is move on because the past is behind us and now we get to make a whole bunch of good decisions and some not so good ones. We cant look at the past. We have to remember that their is now and their is a future that could be greater then you have ever excepted .


she who smiles :] said...

you're right on it lovebug :)
miss you incredibly

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