Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Caroling

See when my family moved here from Virginia when i was six we started this tradition where we would go Christmas caroling every year right before Christmas and i am glad to say we still do that now, eight years later. So to carry on the tradition on Saturday, December 15th, at 7pm we are going Christmas caroling in our neighborhood. Now just to let you know its not one of those just our neighborhood kinda things, anyone can come. We are going to be going around singing and hanging out and then after we will be coming back my house and have some hot chocolate and some good Christmas cookin' :]
[Sugar is guaranteed kids] Just remembering what Christmas is supposed to be all about. So if you are interested in coming just tell me and i will give you the directions . Kids and families of all ages are gonna be there so i promise you wont feel left out. Come on now you know want to come ha ha am i pressuring you -good! give in people, give in :D
PS: Ignore what to picture says. I promise people wont throw shoes at us...well maybe my dad but that's just because he cant sing so believe me your voice has to be better then his. haha love you daddyo :]


Sue said...

No se de que estas hablando n.n no entiendo mucho el ingles pero... the image is beutyfull *o*