Friday, December 14, 2007


As many of you should know twisted was the other day and it was awesome. Just hanging out with friends, laughing at some people in Asian outfits lol -yeah yeah you know i love you guys :D- and eating some good food. All the leaders and people who helped out with the decoration did an awesome job because the place looked great. Even though i was told it toke 3 days to decorate the annex, it was worth it. Of course like every HPC event there was great food -chicken, chocolate on a pretzel, candy, sushi and much more. To my surprise i actually like sushi for the most part but some of it not so much :] We had an appearance by "Chuck Norris" ha ha very very interesting i must say myself but Hilarious and there was also some great dancer that put on a show. Sadly though, there will be no more refuge for a few weeks *tear tear* but on a better note Christmas is around the corner. For once this year me and my family will not be going up north to see the family but instead having a good old Louisiana Christmas, which hopefully all six of us with be there this year. who knows. anyway just to remind y'all caroling is tomorrow so if you want to join its at 7pm you can always come later or earlier. If you plan on coming just tell me . Stay amazing people


Amy said...

Awe...your so sweet. thanks for the compliments.