Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Randomness of life

Do you ever wonder why things happen like they do? I have to admit I do alot. I often plan how things should go in my head befoer hand and then when it rolls around it turns out totally opposite of the plan and I wonder does god do it differently for a reason? Does he want to surprise us? or simply just remind us that he does the planning not us? I so often want to steer my life in my own direction but I just need to remember that I'm not the driver I'm simply the passenger. It takes time to move past that stage but gladly I have nothing but time. So I can't wait to figure out where it goes and what he does. Our God is an amazing god..I know that sounds cheesy and people here it all the time but its true. And although it may be cheesy its still a fact. So we have to be reminded that life is random but with it, it just wouldnt be the same or quite as interesting :)


Amy said...

true very true

Anonymous said...

AMEN! hallelujah great post!