Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Comptuer "issues"

Yes i know what y'all want to say whats up with the lack of posting well it turns out the devil does not like my computer so much for it has been broken since what seems like forever. To my surprise i woke up this morning to a new and oddly fast computer. Lets just hope it doesn't go down again for who knows what we might do.
Life Lesson of the Day: Cherish the computer for your life changes greatly without it and you tend to get some sort of withdrawals. Yes, computer withdrawals, its a serious problem these day they should have some sort of therapy :)

PS: Laser tag last night was awesome although we got creamed most of the rounds.


joelle said...

That's funny because the same thing just happened to us. For some reason our internet wasn't working, and we didn't have it for like a week or something. Ahhhhhhh!