Thursday, March 6, 2008

The crazy world I call life

Lately things have been ok. Not much has really been happening in my life, well i mean beside my crazy family, but that would take years to explain. Saturday we went to the outreach with church to the CEO disability center. I loved those kids. They are always so sweet that's why i think i really want to be special education teacher. Of all people you except them to be sad but all you see is hope. On Friday my moms parents came into town and if you thought my family was already psycho just wait until you meet them. Also If i haven't already told you my older sister Dee, is pregnant so shes very emotional. Although it was kinda interesting seeing her try to tell my grandparents the news. To top it all off we have midterms this week and the ileap next week .So to say the least i will be fairly. Well i guess entertainment was what i wanted so note to all be careful what you wish for because it might turn out much different then you planned.


Courtney Dumas said...

Sorry that things are kind of crazy right now! I'll be praying for you with your tests coming up! Have a great weekend!