Friday, May 9, 2008


Like the random title?? :) Just something that was in my head at the moment.

well its like six-thirty o'clock in the morning but i had some time before school and i felt a sudden urge to post so yeah these past couple weeks have been pretty busy ones. To start it off I have finals for school next week and i have been studying like a crazy person. Also, all the Barnabis stuff as been due around this time since we will be leaving in exactly twenty-two days....I have been counting down! I'm seriously pumped about it though. Anyways another exciting thing is my birthday next thrursday i want to say which should be pretty great although i don't think we are doing anything really special but i don't mind just spending time with the family. That's all on this side but I'm catching up on things so i promise i will post more often now. Stay incredible and I love you all.