Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pass the cake and icecream..

So take a wild guess at what today is. if you guessed my birthday then you are oh so very correct :) Today Stefanie is finally not a youngin. Well actually i still kinda am. I'm only fifteen now but hey its a year older. Sadly i had school on my birthday and i have study for four tests--ugh but I'm trying to stay in the positive mood anyway. My wonderful parents made my favorite foods for me, spaghetti and easy mac, plus the all six of us where home so that was great as usual. I know this will be kinda a short post but i have to get off so leave some love, stay awesome and hug someone today :D


Claire said...

Hey Stef-anef. Why didn't you tell me that it was your birthday?!?!?! Oh wait, I think you did lol. Anyway I hope that your birthday is one of the best EVER. 15 is practically 20, which is pretty much 30, which is not far off from 40. That being said, Happy 40th. lol just kidding. Love you girl. Happy birthday

Anonymous said...

Hay Happy B-day. Hope you had a great one. lol I didn't know your were forty.