Thursday, September 6, 2007

One Way

As many of you know yesterday was One Way. Gosh it was so beast! God was totally there, you could just feel him. The crazzy energy and amazing songs just rocked the house and i did make a big break through then. In the middle of worship, as i lifted my hands, prayed, and just looked at all the people around me, i just felt like a weight was being lifted off of me. It was like all the stress i had been feeling about school, friends, relationships,the dance coming up, and everything just fell off my back but one stress i was really glad to get rid of was stress about my older sister. See she hasnt been back to church in some time but now i know that God will get her back in church when the time is right.I just have to be patient. I was relieved and i really needed to feel that. I needed to know things will be OK and of course my best friend Zoe was there to help me and i was there to help her and i also had the comfort of some new friends to help the situation but i just felt like God was there and the funny thing is just before i came i was thinking about just skipping the whole one way for the night and going with my sisters to the mall but im so glad i didnt. Just that whole moment was unexplainable. All i can say is i am totally pumped for the next One Way. Bring it on because im ready!