Saturday, December 22, 2007

Random Question of the week

OK well I'm back with another random question. I was looking back at my last few posts and remembered that i forgot to do one of these this week. So in the spirit of Christmas this is the random question of the week:

Out of all the Christmas characters, which one is your favorite?
Answers people :D...



Anonymous said...

Everyones favorite reindeer Rudoph :D

Hey Stef, I saw a picture Brady sent to me of you and him recently and you look really good, really happy-I'm glad. I know we havent talked alot since we broke up a few years ago when I moved but I have really missed you and im back in Louisiana and I was hoping we could hang out. Well anyway if your not up to it I understand but if you are, my cell hasnt changed. I hope that your doing really well. I miss you alot and happy holidays




A-TRAIN said...

um, i think frosty. lol