Thursday, May 29, 2008

Air conditioning---the best thing since sliced bread

Back from Saturate and Navigate Boot Camp Hmm what to say, what to say. Beside doing horribly challenging obstacle courses and it being so hot its probably not healthy for any human, it was actually very very enjoyable. I got closer to some people I would have most likely never have met, some which I knew just not as well as I do now, and some I think will become friends in the near future. Also I had the most incredible roommates, which i will keep anonymous; - But if you're really curious; Claire Ferrara, Joelle Ferrara, Amy Phillips, and Zoe Graeser.. Overall I give it a two thumbs up, I would give it more but I don’t have any more thumbs so yeah two thumbs is the best i got. :)

On another note, In a few hours I will be leaving for a little place in the middle of no where named Purdy, Missouri. Yes its true tomorrow we will be headed out to Camp Barnabas tomorrow although it seems like it just snuck up behind us when none of us where looking. I’m so pumped about this trip although the ride up with be long and agonizing it will be worth it in the end. Now that I summed y'all up on the things currently happening in my life, I am tired as a mug and need a long [I mean extremely long] shower and then nap. So stay amazing. I love you all and Rock it out for Jesus.

Ps: the following picture is for my friend Claire, Dance little monkey dance!

dancing monkey!!!!!!!


Amy said...

wow.. I love the monkey and bootcamp was well awesome. And I had fun with all ofyou girls